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Rules of Government and Operations


The name of the section shall be “Florida Engineers in Education, a practice section of the Florida Engineering Society,” hereinafter referred to as “the section” of “FEE.”


The section is authorized under Article IX of the Florida Engineering Society Charter, and its activities and actions shall comply.


The objectives of the section are to provide for Professional Engineers in education a forum for effective discussion, exploration, and analysis, and to provide for FES and NSPE a vehicle for obtaining advice by Professional Engineers in education with respect to:

a. Improvement of undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, and technician programs for accomplishing the engineering effort of our nation.

b. Stimulation of professional concepts, including registration among engineering educators and students.

c. Cooperation with the American Society for Engineering Education, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, and other engineering societies in matters affecting educational policies and practices.

d. Promotion of an atmosphere for engineering educators conducive to the highest quality of engineering education.


The section shall accomplish its objective by:

a. Study, report, and dissemination of information on matters of concern to engineering educators.

b. Forums for discussion of topics of interest in engineering education.

c. Meetings of the members and the Administrative Committee for discussion and recommendations of courses of action for FES and NSPE.

d. Consideration of communications presented by any chapter, committee, or the Board of Directors of FES or of NSPE or other groups concerned with engineering education.


Membership and participation in the section shall be available on the following basis:

a. A member of the section shall be a member of FES who is engaged in teaching, research, or administration in the field of education.

b. Any member of FES may participate, subject to these Rules of Government and Operation, in activities of the section.

c. The right to vote or hold office shall be limited to members of the section.


a. The affairs of the section shall be governed by an Administrative Committee consisting of one representative of each college or university in Florida with one or more accredited (by ABET/EAC) engineering programs, to be appointed by the respective Dean or Director from among the faculty members having membership in FES prior to November 1 each year for the ensuing administrative year.

b. The administrative and fiscal years of the section shall coincide with those of FES.


The officers of the section shall consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair/Chair-elect, a Secretary/Treasurer and an NSPE-PEE Governor, who shall take office at the beginning of the administrative year and hold office until their successors are duly elected and take office. Vacancies in any elected office during the administrative year shall be filled by the Administrative Committee.


The Administrative Committee may appoint such standing and ad hoc committees as are deemed desirable.


a. The Administrative Committee shall meet not less than twice a year for discussion, action and recommendation to the FES Board of Directors.

b. The section shall hold an annual conference at the time of the annual conference of FES. Such other meetings may be held as determined by the Administrative Committee.

Nominating Committee

There shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of a chair, who shall be a past chair of the section, and two other members appointed by the chair of the section with the
approval of the Administrative Committee. These appointments shall be made prior to November 1 of the administrative year. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of nominees from among the membership of the Administrative Committee for the elective offices for the ensuing administrative year prior to January 1, and its report shall be published as soon as feasible thereafter for the information of all members.

Additional nominations shall be placed on the official ballot by petition of ten members. Such petitions must be received by the secretary/treasurer of the section by March 1.

Election of officers shall be made by letter ballot to all members of the section at least 30 days prior to the annual conference. The candidate for any office having the largest number of votes shall be elected.

The Nominating Committee shall assist the chair in seeking the naming of college or university representatives for the ensuing administrative year prior to November 1 of the current administrative year.

Representative to FES Board

The Section Chair or an alternate officer shall represent the section at meetings of the FES Board of Directors to present and discuss section business. Under Article VII of the FES Charter, he shall be a voting member of the Board.


Funds necessary for conducting the business of the section shall be obtained from those regularly included in the FES annual budget and appropriations, and such funds as may be obtained by the section directly on a basis adopted by the Administrative Committee of the section and approved by the FES Board of Directors. All funds shall be kept by the Treasurer of FES, and shall be expended as directed by the Administrative Committee of the section. Policies as to travel, per diem, and other expenses shall be approved by the Administrative Committee, but shall not exceed those established by FES.


Minutes shall be kept of all meetings of the section and all meetings of the Administrative Committee of the section. Minutes shall be available to all members of FES.


The section shall cooperate with the several FES officers and committees, other practice sections and chapters to most effectively advance the interests of the entire profession and of section members.


Changes or additions to these rules may be made by the Administrative Committee, subject to approval by the FES Board of Directors.

Adopted by the FES Board of Directors, March 7, 1969.
Amended November 7, 2003.

The proposed changes in “Officers” above are submitted to the FES Board of Directors by the Administrative Committee of the Florida Engineers in Education.

Adopted by the FES Board of Directors, March 7, 1969.
Amended August, 1996.

Florida Professional Engineers in Education – Chapter Liaison Representatives

The duties of this assignment shall include the following:

1. Study and make recommendations to the FEE Administrative Committee with respect to activities, programs, and procedures that are of interest or concern to engineers in education.

2. Provide guidance, assistance, and leadership to chapter officers and members in establishing and conducting activities, programs, and projects to serve the needs of chapter members in education.

3. Coordinate activities and communications between state headquarters, the FEE Administrative Committee, and FEE members at the chapter level.

4. In coordination with the Chapter Membership Committee, develop and implement membership promotional objectives to bring the aims, objectives, and accomplishments of FEE to the attention of all engineers in education to enlist endorsement, support, and affiliation.

5. Encourage FEE members and engineers in education to participate in FEE, FES, NSPE-PEE, and chapter activities and meetings.

6. At the request of state headquarters, conduct fact-finding investigations of alleged professional misconduct or violations of the Code of Ethics involving FEE members in their chapter area and prepare and submit reports on the findings of such investigations.

7. Monitor, investigate, and study activities, policies, conditions, and procedures in their chapter area which affect or concern the public or engineers in education and initiate such action as may be appropriate to ensure that the interests of the public, the engineering profession, and engineers in education are advanced and protected.

8. Keep the FEE Administrative Committee informed of their activities.

9. Prepare and present a written summary report at the FEE annual conference covering their activities during the year.

Appointments to this assignment shall be as follows:

1. All appointments shall be made and approved by the Practice Section’s Administrative Committee.

2. There shall be one member appointed from each chapter.

3. The term of the appointment shall be for one administrative year.

4. Subject to the approval of the Practice Section’s Administrative Committee, representatives may be reappointed annually.

Adopted by the FES Board of Directors, May 15, 1969.
Amended October 2, 1970. Amended May 24, 1973.