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J. Scott Gombar, PE
2017 FICE President

Session's Open! Last week began what is poised to be a very busy 2017 Legislative Session. A number of bills have been filed of concern to our industry:

HB 789 Procurement of Professional Services essentially allows for price to be considered for 50% of the selection and would allow firms to bid against each other. Your FICE Board of Directors and Team in Tallahassee are hard at work developing a strategy to ensure this legislation does not become law. We have reached out to ACEC National for assistance, as they have been involved in similar battles with other States this year. Action Alerts have gone out. Please make sure you are distributing these alerts to engineers in your firms and sending in the emails and/or making personal phone calls opposing this bill. On Monday, March 13th this bill was scheduled to be heard in its first committee of reference Oversight, Transparency, & Administration Subcommittee at 1 pm, instead the bill was postponed. We will continue to monitor the bill, as it could be placed on the agenda as early as next week. Thank you to all of our members who lit up the phones and sent personal emails educating the Legislators on this very important issue. Also, I would like to say thank you to AIA, Florida Mappers and Surveyors and the Landscape Architects for the joint efforts in protecting CCNA.

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