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About the
Florida Engineering Society (FES)

FES Mission and Vision Statements

FES - Involvement Brings Benefits

  • Leadership Development
  • Networking/Job Opportunities
  • Political Awareness and Involvement
  • Regulatory Representation
  • Recognition
  • Professional Affiliation
  • Information
  • Opportunity to Serve
  • Specialized Email Alerts
  • Minuteman Alerts Calling for Action
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Opportunities to Join State Committees
  • Recognition of Achievements/Awards

FES - Offers Support Statewide

FES - 19 Local Chapters Invest in the
Future of Engineering

  • Involvement with Your Local Community
  • Continuing Education
  • Individual Development
  • Networking With Local Engineers
  • Features on Current Topics of Local Interest and Importance to Community Leaders
  • Fellowship
  • Monthly Meetings, Annual Golf Tournament
  • Career Day, Student Chapters and Scholarship
  • Public Relations at Community Events

FES - Committees Have Something for Everyone

  • Business Practices
  • Environment
  • Society Policies
  • MATHCOUNTS / K-12 Website
  • Construction Codes and Issues
  • Education

FES - Practice Areas Cover Specialties
in Engineering

  • Consulting Engineers
  • Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council
  • Florida Coalition of American Structural Engineers

FES - Supports the Florida Board of Professional Engineers

  • Provides Technical Input
  • Investigates Ethical Issues
  • Implements Mandatory Continuing Education Requirements

FES - Helping the Cause of Engineers with Government

Tallahassee Capitol

  • Political Action Committee and Lobbying Team Promote and Protect the Profession
  • Members Meet Legislators through the FES Professional Engineers' Legislative Days
  • Educational Seminars with State Agencies to Inform Engineers About Upcoming Changes
  • Supports Pro-Engineering Candidates
  • Gives Guidance to Government During Drafting of Regulations and Legislation

FES - Gets Results

  • Defense of the Professional Engineers Registration Law (Chapter 471.F.S.)
  • Retention of the Quality-Based Selection Process for Design Professionals (CCNA)
  • Stopped Other Professions From Authorizing Themselves to Perform Engineering Services
  • Repealed Joint and Several Liability
  • Lowered the Time Period that a Lawsuit can be Filed Regarding the Design, Planning or Construction of an Improvement to Real Property from 15 Years to 10 Years
  • Raised the State Per Diem for Government Engineers
  • Limited by contract the liability of individual employees or agents who are employed by a design professional firm

FES - We are Strong, and Your Membership
Makes Us Stronger

  • 3,200 Members Focused on Professionalism
  • Our Strength Comes From Our Members
  • Together, We Are Making a Difference
  • Individually, You Have Opportunities to Excel
  • FES Draws on Individual Excellence to create a

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