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The FES Journal is the official award-winning magazine of the Florida Engineering Society (FES). Members of FES receive this magazine every month as part of their membership dues. Non-members may subscribe at an annual fee of $50 to receive issues on engineering practices, trends and projects; legislative issues relating to engineers and engineering; continuing education; employment opportunities; and Society events. (Note: the December issue is the annual directory and is available only to members).

Display and classified advertising is available in the FES Journal. Click here for advertising information.

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FES Directory

The FES Directory is a comprehensive reference that efficiently places information about the profession in an easy-to- use format. This directory is the Society's primary communication tool featuring the FES organizational structure; FES Charter and Bylaws which guide the Society; a section devoted to the National Society of Professional Engineers (our affiliated national professional organization) which codified the Standard of Ethics to which our members adhere; and a complete listing of FES leadership for each practice section, division, and committee. There is also a comprehensive roster of the membership by chapter and an alphabetical list by member name.

In addition, appropriate sections of Chapter 61G15 and the Engineers Registration Law (F.S. 471) are reproduced giving FES members access to the rules that affect the engineering profession. Click here to place your ad to reach over 3,200 professional engineers throughout Florida.