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Enterprise Membership

Enterprise membershipHow would you like to save 10% on your annual membership dues? Or receive one free membership for every 10 engineers on staff that are members? The Enterprise Membership Program can save members by receiving a discounted rate in membership dues.

What is Enterprise Membership?

Enterprise Membership is a program designed for employers to sponsor membership for their eligible engineers on staff. Participants receive a 10% discount on membership dues for each participating employee.

The Program is available for ‘for-profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ firms/companies. This includes industrial firms, private practice firms, construction firms, government agencies (local, state, and federal), educational institutions, etc…

How Does the Program Work?

Once we have a list of your eligible employees, your minimum required number of members is established. In order for your firm/company to participate it must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Small firm – If your firm/company has 10-50 eligible employees, you must enroll a minimum of 10.

  • Medium firm – If your firm/company has 51-250 eligible employees, you must enroll a minimum of 20% of those eligible.

  • Large firm – If your firm/company has over 250 eligible employees, you must enroll a minimum of 50.

If your firm/company does not currently meet these requirements, new members can be added to meet your required number of members.

3 Easy Steps to Begin Your Savings

  1. Compile a list of ALL eligible employees at your firm/company. Eligible employees include any one who qualifies for membership in FES. (A FES member can be a licensed professional engineer, engineer intern, or graduate of an ABET accredited school and qualified to be admitted to examination as an engineer intern as defined in Chapter 471.013, F.S.)

  2. Submit a complete list of eligible employees to FES for verification of membership. If you have any questions regarding your membership or the membership of others in your office, please contact FES at 850-224-7121.

  3. Complete and submit the Enterprise Membership Confirmation Form along with any new member applications to FES. New member applications and Enterprise Membership Confirmation Forms are available on the FES Web site, Discounts will be reflected on your annual membership dues statements.

The Enterprise Membership Program began in August 2002. To date over 300 FES members participate in the program and are receiving benefits for 10% less. To begin your savings today, contact the membership department at 850-224-7121.