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FPEG Awards and Fellowships

Professional Development Award

The Florida Professional Engineers in Government Professional Development Award is presented annually to the nominated government agency that has made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement and improvement of the engineering profession through its employment practices and professional development policies. Its purpose is to recognize and encourage all agencies to adopt progressive policies that support employment of Professional Engineers.

The final selection for the FPEG Professional Development Award will be made by the FPEG Administrative Committee. The factors considered are those outlined in the form, including indoctrination, conditions of employment, recruiting practices, utilization of personnel, encouragement of registration, compensation, professional development and internal communications. The Committee reserves the right not to select a recipient for a given year if, in its opinion, none of the nominations is of sufficient stature or quality to justify the award.

Incomplete forms may lead to disqualification or low rating of nominee. Forms submitted, therefore, should be complete and contain precise and accurate data.

Professional Development Award Application

Nomination form must be submitted to Allen Douglas at Allen@fleng.org by April 15, 2017.

FPEG Professional Development
Award Winners

2015 SFWMD
2014 No Winner
2013 City of Sanford
2012 No Winner
2011 City of St. Petersburg Engineering and Capital Improvements Department
2010 No Winner
2009 No Winner
2008 No Winner
2007 No Winner
2006 No Winner
2005 Leon County Division of Engineering Services
2004 City of Clearwater – Public Works Administration
2003 Sarasota County Professional Engineer Development Program
2002 South Florida Water Management District
2001 City of Port St. Lucie
2000 No Winner
1999 No Winner
1998 No Winner
1997 No Winner
1996 Palm Beach County Engineering and Public Works
City of Cocoa Utilities Administration & Engineering Department
1993 City of Gainesville Public Works Department
1992 Florida Department of Education Professional Engineer Training Program, Tallahassee
1991 Naval Training Systems Center, Orlando
1990 City of Port St. Lucie
1989 Southwest Florida Water Management District
1988 US Army Corps of Engineers, Hydrology and Hydraulics Branch, Jacksonville
1987 Orange County Public Utilities Engineering Department
1986 Department of General Services, Division of Communications
1984 City of St. Petersburg

Government Engineering Award

The Florida Professional Engineers in Government (FPEG) Government Engineer of the Year Award recognizes the nominated engineer who has made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement of engineers in government.

Award: Plaque and letter designating an individual as Government Engineer of the Year.

Participation: Open to any registered engineer employed by federal, state regional, county or municipal government in the State of Florida.

Nomination: Anyone

Deadline Date: April 15, 2017

Selection By: July 2017

Judges: Three-member panel appointed by FPEG

Award Criteria: Professional/Technical Society Activities Engineering Achievements Civic/Humanitarian Activities Education

Award Presentation: FES/FICE Annual Summer Conference and Exposition — FPEG Breakfast Meeting

Sponsored By: Florida Professional Engineers in Government, a practice section of the Florida Engineering Society

Nomination forms must be submitted to:

FPEG Government Engineer of the Year Award
PO Box 750
Tallahassee, FL 32302-0750

Government Engineer of the Year
Award Application

Government Engineer of the Year

2016 Billy L. Hattaway, PE
2015 Danielle Slaterpryce, PE
2014 Secretary Ananth Prasad, PE
2013 Jeffrey H. Greenfield, Ph.D, PE, BCEE, D.WRE, F.NSPE
2012 Kenneth S. Todd, PE
2011 Shannon R. LaRocque-Baas, PE
2010 Donald D. Jacobovitz, PE
2009 John T. Davis, PE, PSN
2008 Donald J. Polmann, PhD, PE
2007 Charles L. Meister, PE, F.ASCE
2006 John D. Booth, PE
2005 William P. Baxter, PE
2004 Mark D. Van Hala, PE
2003 Charles G. Mixson, PE
2002 Robert S. Kosoy, PE
2001 Charles S. Warrington, Jr., PE
2000 Lyle R. “Bob” Titterington, PE &
Patrick A. Martin, PE
1999 Glenn E. Forrest, PE
1998 Tim Madhanagopal, PE, DEE
1997 A. R. Linero, P.E
1996 Patrick S. Collins, P.E.
1995 Dennis Daughters, P.E.
1994 Jean P. Marchand, P.E.
1993 Gordon S. Burleson, P.E.
1992 George R. Knecht, P.E.
1991 Paul R. Little, P.E.
1990 Morton S. Lipschultz, P.E.

FPEG Fellowships Available

The Florida Professional Engineers in Government are pleased to announce the availability a fellowship. An applicant must:

  • Be eligible to be a member of the Florida Engineering Society.

  • Be employed by a government agency in an engineering position.

  • Be enrolled in or accepted by a graduate program to obtain an advanced degree in engineering, engineering management, public administration, public works administration or business administration (copy of acceptance letter).

If no qualified applications are received, FPEG reserves the right not to award a fellowship or to select a winner from the applications received by the FES scholarship committee. Preference will be given to upper division engineering students with an interest in working for a government agency.

Amount of Fellowship: $1,000

FPEG Fellowships Application

Or contact Allen Douglas at Allen@fleng.org or call 850-224-7121 for further information. Note: The selection of fellowship recipient(s) is made by the FPEG Administrative Committee and is final.

Deadline: April 15, 2017

Submit Application to:

FPEG Fellowship
125 S. Gadsden Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

FPEG Fellowship Prior Winner List

2015 Antonia Panaou, EI
2014 Toni Panaou, EI
2012 Brian Wemple
2011 Gabriel Maul
2010 Guillermo Bay
2009 Jesse T. Quirion, EI
2008 Sandra Jennings, EI
2007 Paula Wiggins, PE
2006 Michael Alcantara and Sandra Jennings, EI
2004 Karl Thompson, PE
2003 Daniel M. Arner, PE
2002 Timothy A. Hochuli
2001 Raul Wainer, PE
1999 Jean C. Vilceus
1998 Kevin L. Becotte
1995 Joseph Louis Perez
1994 Alexandrea D. Hay, PE;
John M Bowerfind, EI;
Daniel R. Rhodes;
Owen D. Reagan, EI
1991 Tim Madhanagopal, PE
1990 Tim Madhanagopal, PE

Thomas P. Brantley, PE

1988 Carlos Gil-Mera, EI
1987 Dennis Lee Finch