The global race to produce technologically savvy graduates is on! America is no exception, but we are losing our edge. Innovation has been the key to the rise of every great civilization. Applied math and science are the foundation of all technological learning. Our goals are to encourage visibility of the engineering profession in the classroom, increase the number of students entering the engineering field, provide resources to help educators teach engineering at all levels, and to make it fun!

Classroom Resources

Are you looking for a great idea to make engineering come alive for your classroom visit? Click on the pages below for tried and tested projects, programs and presentations. The resources are divided by grade level. Choose the appropriate audience to view the resources available.

Links to Engineering Programs

Summer Engineering Programs

FES Mentoring Programs


Grant Resources for Engineering Education 
www.grantsalert.com - Information on education funding opportunities that will help our teachers and schools.

K-12 Award Program & Nomination Forms
Nomination deadline is May 12, 2017

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