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The Florida Engineering Society promotes and defends the professional interests of all engineers in the state of Florida. To do so, we maintain a strong and effective voice with the legislature. If you are interested in learning more about how to become involved, please contact Samantha Hobbs, Director of Government Affairs and Executive Policy.

2017 Legislative Agenda

***Update on HB 789 - Procurement of Professional Services (CCNA)***

HB 789 was passed by the House Oversight, Transparency, and Administration Subcommittee on March 28, 2017 with a 10-5 vote. 

While we were hopeful the committee would not bring the bill back up, they did, so the result is not a surprise and there is no need for alarm. Testimony, questions, and debate took over an hour and a half. The League of Cities was the only group to support the bill. The other appearance cards, over 20 in attendance, represented engineers, architects, landscape architects and surveyors and mappers.

Many thanks to Ken Vogel, PE who traveled to Tallahassee to testify for FES/FICE!

Vote Count/Appearances/Amendment Language

Video of Meeting (HB 789 discussion starts at 17:56 and ends at 1:42:00) **In case the clickable link doesn't work:

Next Steps:

  1. Please thank your legislators (or those you emailed) who voted No.  This can be done by email.  The vote sheet is located above and email addresses are located on the table below.
  2. After watching the video, you will hear specific questions or comments Legislators made.  If you can address these questions, please email the Legislator who had the question and copy Representative Stone, Ingoglia and FES/FICE Staff.  At this point they need specific examples from their constituents (YOU) on how CCNA saves the tax payers money and how the Best Value Offer (BVO) process is not the best option for the State of Florida.
  3. Be prepared when called upon from FES/FICE to educate Legislators on the importance of CCNA. 

We encourage all engineers to become involved in this process. It will take some time and research from you and your firm, but that's a very small investment that will have a huge impact on protecting the engineering profession and industry.

Questions?  Contact

The following Florida Representatives sit on the House Subcommittee on Oversight, Transparency and Administration, and heard this bill, March 28.

Representative Email Address Capitol Phone Yea/Nay
Daisy Baez (850) 717-5114 Nay
Neil Combee (850) 717-5039 Yea
Kimberly Daniels (850) 717-5014 Nay
Tracie Davis (850) 717-5013 Nay
Brad Drake (850) 717-5005 Nay
Katie A. Edwards (850) 717-5098 Yea
Eric Eisnaugle (850) 717-5044 Yea
Patrick Henry (850) 717-5026 Yea
Blaise Ingoglia (850) 717-5035 Yea
Bobby Payne (850) 717-5019 Yea
Cary Pigman (850) 717-5055 Yea
Dan Raulerson (850) 717-5058 Yea
Bob Rommel (850) 717-5106 Yea
Rick  Roth (850) 717-5085 Nay
Clay Yarborough (850) 717-5012 Yea

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Staying involved in the political process is the key to YOUR associations success in Tallahassee this Session. A short video to share with colleagues or your local chapter: