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The Florida Engineering Society promotes and defends the professional interests of all engineers in the state of Florida. To do so, we maintain a strong and effective voice with the legislature. If you are interested in learning more about how to become involved, please contact Samantha Hobbs, Director of Government Affairs and Executive Policy.

2017 Legislative Agenda

Update on HB 789 - Procurement of Professional Services 

HB 789 is once again scheduled to be heard by the House Oversight, Transparency & Administration Subcommittee on Tuesday, March 28 at 3:30 p.m.

Strong opposition from the design profession helped delay the committee from hearing the bill two weeks ago, but now HB 789 is up for a vote again tomorrow.

This proposed bill amends competitive negotiation to essentially allow for price to be considered for 50% of the selection and would allow firms to bid against each other; among other provisions. 

We need our members to light up the phones and send emails TODAY  to the Legislators on this committee letting them know you OPPOSE this bill.

Your message should be personal and include these talking points - 

The use of CCNA ensures that agencies - and the taxpayer - receive highly technical architect and engineering services from the most experienced and most qualified firms at a fair and reasonable cost. CCNA is used by all federal agencies, 46 state governments, and many localities throughout the country.

  • CCNA protects the public welfare. Most individuals would not select medical or legal services based solely on cost - these highly skilled services are too important to leave to the lowest bid. Likewise, engineering is a highly skilled service that should not be selected on basis of the firm offering the cheapest price. Engineers design the highways and bridges we drive on, our water treatment systems, and all other infrastructure and systems upon which we rely. The design services provided by engineering firms directly affect the health, safety and welfare of the public, and it is important that only the most qualified and experienced firms be tasked with this critical function.
  • CCNA protects the taxpayer. Over the life of a project, engineering services account for less than one-half of one percent of total project costs. Yet these services play a profound role in determining overall project costs. A well designed project by highly qualified firm will stay on time and on budget, solve construction and operational challenges, experience fewer change orders during construction, enhance performance of the completed project, and lower long-term maintenance and repair costs. A 2009 study by the University of Colorado and Georgia Tech found that using a CCNA process to procure engineering services results in lower construction costs and lower schedule growth, which means real cost savings to the taxpayer. 
  • CCNA benefits small firms. CCNA helps small firms compete by providing a forum to demonstrate their unique capabilities that often include a greater degree of niche market expertise, knowledge of local regulations and business practices, and greater involvement of senior level management in the execution of a project.
  • CCNA promotes technical innovation. Using CCNA, owners have the opportunity to fully define the project scope during the selection process. This process fosters innovative, cost-saving and timesaving approaches to problems, ensuring that the final project meets or exceeds the functional and performance goals set by the owner.

CCNA Talking Points can be used as an attachment for further education.

The following Florida Representatives sit on the House Subcommittee on Oversight, Transparency and Administration, and will hear this bill Tuesday. Call or email them now!

Full Name

Email Address

Capitol Phone

Daisy Baez

(850) 717-5114

Neil Combee

(850) 717-5039

Kimberly Daniels

(850) 717-5014

Tracie Davis

(850) 717-5013

Brad Drake

(850) 717-5005

Katie A.Edwards

(850) 717-5098

Eric Eisnaugle

(850) 717-5044

Patrick Henry

(850) 717-5026

Blaise Ingoglia

(850) 717-5035


(850) 717-5019

Cary Pigman

(850) 717-5055

Dan Raulerson

(850) 717-5058

Bob Rommel

(850) 717-5106

Rick Roth

(850) 717-5085

Clay Yarborough

(850) 717-5012

Excel Legislator Contacts for Oversight, Transparency, & Administration Subcommittee

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Samantha Hobbs at

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Staying involved in the political process is the key to YOUR associations success in Tallahassee this Session. A short video to share with colleagues or your local chapter: