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FES Mentoring Programs

FES offers many ways to mentor students and young professionals in the engineering field.

FES Career Guidance Program

FES members can participate as volunteers in several career guidance programs that encourage students to pursue careers in engineering. Career guidance materials regarding various engineering fields are available from FES K-12 Resources.


MATHCOUNTS, adopted by FES in 1982, is a math coaching and competition program designed specifically for seventh and eighth grade students. It makes math fun for students while introducing them to math and science related careers. The program begins in the classroom and progresses through school, regional and state competitions, culminating with the national competition in June.

By helping to build math skills and promote strategic problem-solving, MATHCOUNTS helps prepare a future workforce to meet the needs of a growing technological society. It affects students at an age when they are developing their qualitative skills and attitudes about math and technology — when they can still elect to take accelerated math courses in high school to prepare them for college and careers requiring expertise in math. CLICK HERE for more information about Florida MATHCOUNTS.

Project CREATE

Project CREATE (Creative Response from Elementary Age ThinkErs) is designed to help instill in fourth and fifth grade students a greater awareness of creative thinking and application of creativity in a non-competitive and non-threatening problem-solving atmosphere. Project CREATE presents an engineering-type problem to the children, and provides a basic framework and sequence within which a solution can be developed.

The program is underway in a number of FES chapters, and numerous volunteers are required to administer the program. To request more information on Project CREATE, e-mail us.