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The Florida Engineering Society has adopted a variety of Administrative and Professional Policies to guide operations. These policies are listed below and are available from FES headquarters.


2H: Financial Management of the Society
5B: Financing FES Annual Conferences
8: Use of FES Mailing List
9F: Board of Directors Meeting Procedures and Records
10D: FES Membership Reinstatement Procedures
12A: Coordination of Recommendations for Appointments. to State Boards, Committees and Offices
13C: Qualifications to Establish and Operate FES Student Chapters
16E: Election and Duties of State Directors
17B: Duties of Board-Committee Contact Member
18D: FES Committee Appointments
19E: Communications
21E: Procedures for the Management of Live or Distance Learning Events
22A: Annual Conference Site Selection
27D: FES Journal Subscriptions for Non-Members
28E: Supplemental Payments to Members and Officers Attending National Meetings of NSPE
30: Proxy for Members of the Board of Directors
31: FES Executive Committee Authority
32: Maximum Number of Terms of Office of FES Vice Presidents
37D: New Member Enrollment Fee
38C: Financing Live or Distance Learning Events Sponsored by a Society Committee or Practice Section
39: Membership Pins and Certificates for New Members
40C: Refund on Registration Fees for Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, etc.
42A: Definition and Administration of an Inactive Student Chapter
43D: Appointment of FES Student Chapter Faculty Advisors
44E: FES Life Investment Program
46D: Practice Section Funding
47D: Headquarters Operations and Executive Director Performance Evaluation
49C: President's, Past President's and President Elect's Travel Fund
50B: FES Logo, Rules for Use
51A: Selection Procedure for Student Board Member
52: FES Reserve Fund
53B: Duties of the Vice Presidents
54A: Annual Conference - Host of FES Functions
55: Youth Interaction Policy
56A: FES Chapter Finance Policy
57: Duties of the FBPE Liaison
58: Emergency Recovery Plan
59: Joint Venture Between FES and For Profit Entities
60: Objective Compensation
61: Document Retention And Destruction
62: Fraud and Commercial Crime Prevention Policy
63: Whistleblower Policy
64: Establishment of Internal Financial Management Practices and Procedures
65: NSPE Directors


1B: Excellence in Engineering Education
4R: Procedures for the Florida Engineering Society's Handling of Professional Misconduct Complaints
9D: Educational Requirement for Engineering Registration in Florida
10B: Collective Bargaining
11E: Society Legal Assistance Program to Promote and Protect the Rights of Florida Professional Engineers to Practice Engineering
13C: Society Code of Ethics
17D: Professional Registration of Engineering Educators in Florida
19B: Designation of the Month of March as Florida Professional Engineers in Industry Month
20A: FES Chapter Participation with Other Professional Organizations in Community
Advisory/Service Projects

21C: Encouraging the Use of Florida Consulting Firms by Florida Governmental Agencies
22B: FES Energy Policy
27C: Encouragement of Graduating Seniors to Take and Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
28: Review of Engineering Documents
30B: Open Competition of Engineering Services
31: Recommended Procedure for Selection of Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Services