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Winter Water Seminar Logos

FES/FICE 3rd Annual
Winter Water Seminar
was held
January 18-19, 2017
Tallahassee - FSU Conference Center

“The FES conferences bring together the best in the business, from industry, the municipalities, and the regulatory agencies. There is an incredible exchange of cutting-edge information and knowledge, along with great opportunities to network with others in the engineering community.” -- CDM Smith

“It’s more than just exposure for our company, we are really pleased that our sponsorship helps FES and FAPG accomplish their mission in Tallahassee in support of our professions.” -- TetraTech

Who Needs to Attend?
Public and Private sector Professional Engineers, Geologists, Scientists and Consultants whose practice areas involve water resources. This advanced seminar is designed primarily for technical staff, within and outside of government.

Benefits to government staff:

  • Technical series of courses benefits cross-training initiative within FDEP, WMD and other agencies
  • Promotes statewide consistency in interpretation and implementation of agency rules
  • Provides access to statewide subject matter experts at a single location and low cost
  • Application quality improves when private sector consultants are trained in the same material

Benefits to private sector technical staff:

  • Provides continuing education credits to meet licensing renewal requirements
  • Meets demand for latest information from regulatory agencies
  • Networking opportunity to interface with those who process their applications and conduct inspections at their facilities
  • Consultants and regulators training simultaneously will result in faster permit decisions and better inspection outcomes

Testimonials from 2016 Seminar

I was there last year and this year. I will encourage other Engineers to come. I would encourage any practitioner in the world of water to attend this excellent event. -- Russel A. Bowman, II, PE

This seminar goes well beyond "here's how you get a permit." It presents real data and real issues. If you want to understand where Florida water management came from, how it is really working, the challenges ahead, and some of the concepts for the future - don't miss this one. This is time well spent whether you are an FES member or not. -- Anonymous

The 2nd Annual FES Winter Water Seminar water breakout was a great success. Regulating agencies, practicing professionals, and utilities served joined together to learn and exchange pertinent information about water issues in the State of Florida. The best way to address these issues is to have holistic discussions on water use, management, and reuse. Thank you for a great event that bridges these topics. -- Thomas A Herbert, PG, PhD

Best day and one half update you can get. This format lets the participants touch base with the key areas of water resources with minimal fuss. I would certainly encourage my fellow PE's to make this a regular event on their calendar. It is timely, convenient and well worth the effort. -- Alvin Bishop, PE

I found the water summit to be informative and provided for interactions with others through the state. The speakers were very informative. The pace was excellent. The price was just right. I plan on attending next year. -- John C. Snowe, PE

Really enjoyed the "smaller" atmosphere! Great cross section of subjects, presenters and attendees. A lot of information in a short period of time. -- Robert Kermitz, Vice President England, Thims & Miller

This is a well-rounded seminar that helps put together the big picture of water in the State. Combining Engineers and Geologists enhances one's understanding of our interactions both in our practices and in the real-world execution of projects. The explanation of legislation, both pending and enacted, is an interesting and welcome addition to the technical presentations...and good food, excellent company, and PDHs to boot! -- Mark D. Repasky, PE Wastewater Technologies, Inc.

The FES/FAPG 2nd Winter Water Seminar provided excellent technical and regulatory updates and was attended by industry and regulatory personnel, definitely worth the time and investment. This was an excellent seminar. Well worth the time and money. I will try to attend next year. -- Anonymous

I am not an engineer, but as an attorney practicing in the area of water law, I gained a large amount of knowledge and understanding about water-related issues through attendance at the Winter Water Seminar. The design and permitting segments were particularly illustrative of the types of systems there are and give me a useful frame of reference for the mechanics of water control structures. The emerging issues and regulatory updates were the segments that prompted me to register for the Winter Water Seminar and they did not disappoint. They were conducted by knowledgeable presenters who gave much insight into my areas of interest. -- Reagan Russell, Sr. Attorney, FDACS

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