Instructions for Completion and Submittal of Entry Forms for Awards

Please read the “Award Criteria and Procedures” for each award and review the nomination forms carefully before beginning entries.

  1. Solicit the assistance of the person you are nominating. Surprising your nominee may sound like a fun idea, but he/she will be at a disadvantage compared to more complete applications.
  2. Complete the nomination form and submit information in the order it is requested. If the form does not allow enough space, reference the attachment on the form and include the attachment.
  3. Complete all information requested on the form, as unanswered items result in a loss of points. This includes signatures, pertinent dates, and all other data.
  4. The award nominations for “Young Engineer of the Year”, “Engineer of the Year”, “Award for Outstanding Service to the Engineering Profession”, and “Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement” are due at FES Headquarters by March 15. The award nominations for “Fellow Membership” are due at FES Headquarters by February 15.
  5. Please print or type all information and submit via email to
  6. The Chapter President and Chapter State Director’s signatures may be provided on a separate letter of endorsement.

Please contact if you should have any questions or need additional information.