Engineering Florida Podcast

Engineers are ingenious professionals. Engineers invent, design, verify, and qualify. Engineers are the professionals who make our lives and businesses prosperous and safe.

The Florida Engineering Society is proud to put our engineering professionals in the spotlight so that they may educate, share information, and introduce you to the world of engineering that is thriving in Florida.

Engineering Florida Podcast – Eric M. Jimenez, PE, PMP, CCM

Eric M. Jimenez, PE, PMP, CCM Eric Jiménez, Chair of Florida Engineers in Construction (FECON) and recipient of the FES 2023 Engineer of the Year Award, shares with Engineering Florida Host Sam Yates his strong beliefs in family and education for tomorrow’s future engineers. Eric also discusses how the aviation/aerospace industry has been one of…


Engineering Florida Podcast – Carnot Evans, PE

Carnot Evans, PE Writing skills are important. Communication is key to managing public input and questions. Designing to just the standards v/s innovation – have the standards beaten the ingenuity out of us? Carnot Evans, PE, Chair of the Florida Professional Engineers in Industry, covers a wide range of topics in this episode of the…


Engineering Florida Podcast – Matthew Trussoni, PhD, PE, AIA

Matthew Trussoni, PhD, PE, AIA Dr. Matthew Trussoni, PhD, PE, AIA, and the Florida Engineering Society Professional Engineers in Education Practice Section Chair, moves seamlessly between Engineering and Architecture as he discusses both professions with Engineering Florida Host Sam Yates. Trussoni, a faculty member of the University of Miami and a Design Build Construction owner, tells…


Engineering Florida Podcast – Ron Colas, PE, SI

Ron Colas, PE, SI Florida Engineering Society’s new incoming President, Ron Colas, PE, SI, has a lot of important information for professionals interested in Florida’s railroads, highways, ports, and airports. Ron recently sat down with Engineering Florida Podcast host Sam Yates to discuss these important topics and the challenge of attracting students to the world…


Engineering Florida Podcast – Charles W. Davis, Jr, PhD

Charles W. Davis, Jr, PhD Dr. Charles Davis is the incoming President-Elect of the Florida Engineering Society. Host of the Florida Engineering Society, Engineering Florida Podcast, Sam Yates, recently sat down with Dr. Davis to learn more about him and his latest book Systematic Guide to Leadership Selection Using Total Quality Management Techniques. Dr. Davis…


Engineering Florida Podcast – Cherie Pinsky, COO

Cherie Pinksy, COO Cherie Pinsky is Chief Operating Officer for both the Florida Engineering Society and the American Council of Engineering Companies. She sat down with Sam Yates, the host of Engineering Florida, to discuss Florida MATHCOUNTS® and the Florida Engineering Leadership Institute.


Engineering Florida Podcast – Scott D. Martin, PE, LEED AP, DBIA

Scott D. Martin, PE, LEED AP, DBIA In this episode, host Sam Yates has an in depth discussion with Scott Martin, P.E., President of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Florida, and Principal, Project Director and Design Builder Market Leader for Walter P. Moore’s Structure Group in Tampa, Florida. We delve into Scott’s background, major accomplishments,…


Engineering Florida Podcast – Carlos A. Penin, PE

Carlos A. Penin, PE Our second episode features Carlos Penin, President of CAP Government Inc., to Engineering Florida. We learn Mr. Penin holds a spot in the official Congressional Record from February 27, 2020, and why that is significant. Host Sam Yates discovers plans are underway for engineers to create a special park on Florida’s west…