Florida Engineering Foundation Awards $36,000 in Scholarships

This year, twelve scholarships amounting to $36,000 were administered through the Florida Engineering Foundation and Florida Engineering Society. The FES Scholarship Committee enjoyed another rewarding year interviewing and scoring talented students across the state. The top-graded applications from the local chapters were evaluated at our state meeting, which was held virtually. Thank you to the following members who served on the committee this year: Chair Scott Weeks, PE; Vice-Chair Charles Wu, PE; President-Elect Charles W. Davis, Jr., Ph.D.; Jackie Brooks, PE; Brandon Mintz, PE; Sommer Foster, PE; Mandee Brandt, PE; Steven Danskine, PE; Monica Wallis, PE; Steven Goldstein, PE; Mitchell Griffin, PE; Natalia Riveros; Andrew Rodgers, PE; Joey Wood, PE; Jacob Kearley, PE; Olive Bailey, PE; Joseph Graham, PE; Mark Frederick, PE; David Ortiz, PE; Jeremy Runkle, PE; John Stoeckel, PE; and Paul Bangs, PE.

This fantastic committee is looking for more volunteers enthusiastic about reviewing scholarships for the next generation of unique and innovative engineers!

FES scholarships inspire and encourage the pursuit of an education focused on engineering and reward students for their hard work at school and their contributions to their communities. The Florida Engineering Society scholarships are generously funded by the Florida Engineering Foundation Inc. (FEF). Established in 1986, FEF is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity whose mission is to encourage and assist students in pursuing engineering careers and to educate the public about engineering. This year, FEF was pleased to fund $36,000 in Scholarships. The committee proudly announces the following students as recipients of scholarships to aid them in their pursuit of an engineering degree. For more scholarship information, please contact Amanda Hudson.

High School Scholarship Recipients ($3,000 per student)

Rohil Agarwal
Land O’ Lakes High School

Benjamin York
Creekside High School
St. Johns

Jack Tchira
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School

Joseph Hadad
Creekside High School
St. Johns

Sharanya Chatterjee
Freedom High School

Alejandro Paez-Sansonetti
Coral Reef Senior High School

University Scholarship Recipients ($3,000 per student)

Alexander Alonzo
University of Central Florida
Recipient of the Raymond W. Miller, PE Scholarship

Adam Sardouk
University of Florida

Mikala Furiato
Florida Polytechnic University

Bailey Wolcott
University of Florida
Recipient of the Richard B. Gassett, PE Scholarship

Luis Ramanzini
Florida Polytechnic University

Nicholas Kottas
University of Florida

Named Scholarship Recipients ($1,000 per student)

Sean Ng
University of Florida
Recipient of the David F. Ludovici Scholarship

Nicole De Abreu
University of Miami
Recipient of the Cesar A. Calas Scholarship

Ellen Hixenbaugh
University of North Florida
Recipient of the Eric Primavera Memorial Scholarship

Adam Chase-Azzaoui
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Recipient of the Henn Rebane Scholarship

Austin Duchene
University of Florida
Recipient of the Raymond W. Miller, PE and Alice E. Miller Scholarship